Modi and Demonetization: A Cure or Poison?



As per recent and concurrent affairs, no one can ignore the importance and impact of Modi in India. The Modi era did not just start from ‘General Election-14’, in fact then it got its primer. The way he fought the election and arose the hope of making India different, can’t be marginalized too simply, not at all. Breaking the records all around made more than stable government, he optimistically, showed the way of governance with positive attitude. Whether was it Ordinances of Land Acquisition Bill or effectiveness in foreign policy, he made all the marks. He just tried best of his to get NSG membership though, but couldn’t change the China’s stand. Later, the attack on Uri Air Base Camp, challenged him to take strict of him and he broke the floor of patient and keeping peace or calm with Surgical Strike in PoK. For which he got tremendous positive response from the people, while a few from opposition alleged it as a fraudulent act and asked to show evidences. Well, that goes in sink eventually as PM announces Demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000.

The era of Demonetization begins, the great Demonetization. To make Great India, clean India from black money. In India more than 70 million people live in rural area and most of them are not as educated as to make themselves dramatically adapt with the situation, immediately. Mostly people rushed to change their notes in banks. In urban area the lack of notes availability never sorted out after almost 35 days. The situation in rural areas is more than worse. Despite of all reasonable jeopardies people shown support to the PM. They have full faith; they feel Modi has the guts to take tough calls, for the betterment of future generation. That’s why they’re giving time.

Studies say, more than ₹13000 Crores were running in the economy in India and mostly used to get in cross border. That was more than poison for health of Indian economy. And that were supposed to be funded for cross border terrorism. Thus, these were double threat to us indeed.

The profit and merits of demonetization is anonymously aren’t unacceptable. All the way it may help us to get digitized. More or little of it definitely push the economy clean from corruptions and scams. Over all it might be a Cure of necessity.

But we must have to admit that the way politician doing work aren’t morally justifiable. They just want whatever they want to get applying any method. They used to throw their eventual issues on the workflow of Parliament. Recent examples are just more than enough to quote. They start to strike out over the issues and problem instead of proper debates. Nonetheless, their salaries are for sure in either case. There must be some genuine criteria for work done by politicians too, professionally.

If we summarize every aspect of these day’s affairs, there is a consensus that Modi’s Cure has become Poison to opposition parties and which is weakening them internally and externally. That is also a threat to our democracy too. The weaker opposition is never ideal for stable democracy. And all things are happening in the parliament too.